Advantages Of Water-Powered Sump Pumps

Posted on: 30 August 2016

Water-powered sump pumps are an alternative type of sump pump that do not make use of batteries or an electrical connection to remove water from the foundation of your home. Instead, like their name would suggest, water-powered sump pumps make use of water pressure to pump water out of your home. Because of this unique method of operation, water-powered sump pumps carry a distinctive set of advantages. Understanding what these advantages are can help you decide if a water-powered sump pump is the right fit for your home.


Water-powered sump pumps, as they are powered by the water pressure from your water supply, are able to work in all sorts of conditions, even in intense storms when the power has gone out and rain is filling your foundation rapidly. This means that you won't have to worry about replacing a battery on your sump pump or be left to clean out water-damaged furniture from your basement in the event of a blackout. Additionally, smaller water-powered sump pumps can be retrofitted as backup sump pumps on an already installed electrical sump pump to provide a greater degree of security against water damage at a lower cost than replacing an entire sump pump system.

Lower Energy Bills

Because water-powered sump pumps do not make use of any source of electricity to work, they can help reduce your energy bills. While the amount of money and power that you save will vary depending on the amount of rainfall that you receive, this can amount to a significant sum over an extended period of time, helping to pay off the initial cost of a water-powered sump pump. However, it should be kept in mind that water-powered sump pumps will increase your water usage, so you should consult your local electricity and water prices to see if a water-powered unit will save you money.

Low Maintenance

Without a battery to replace and no electrical components that can burn out over time due to wear and usage, you have to do very little maintenance to your water-powered sump pump to ensure that it is still working. In fact, in most cases, water-powered sump pumps require no maintenance after installation. The only time in which they will fail to work is if the water pressure from your municipal supply falls, which is usually an issue that your local government will fix as it is a problem with the water supply, not your home.

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