• Advantages Of Water-Powered Sump Pumps

    Water-powered sump pumps are an alternative type of sump pump that do not make use of batteries or an electrical connection to remove water from the foundation of your home. Instead, like their name would suggest, water-powered sump pumps make use of water pressure to pump water out of your home. Because of this unique method of operation, water-powered sump pumps carry a distinctive set of advantages. Understanding what these advantages are can help you decide if a water-powered sump pump is the right fit for your home.
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  • A Few Tips For Dealing With Smoke Damage In Your Home

    If you've recently had a small fire in your house that created a lot of smoke, but very little fire or water damage, you may think the cleanup is going to be a breeze. However, cleaning up smoke damage is a tricky process. Smoke is acidic and oily. It damages metal, paper, and fabrics. If you don't clean it up quickly, and do it the right way, some of the belongings in your house may not be salvageable.
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